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DG Ares is not your regular smartwatch, design to set trends. We build an aluminum alloy about 10mm thick and in it built a smart system. We then finished with a touch from the past, retro-inspired dial designs. This is not for everybody, you need to understand style to understand DG Ares.

Smartwatches are expected to be square or round.We made things a bit more interesting by giving you a square frame and a round dial.The design is polished and gives you a bit more surface area to interact with the watch.

Choose from 5 eye-catching colors: black, green, rose gold, red, and gray.

Comes in a 10.3 mm ultra-thin body and weighs only 47g(including the strap). It is matched with a skin-friendly modified silicone strap, which makes it comfortable to wear, and resistant to sweats. It is fashionable and goes great with any dress. Designed to lead a new fashion trend.

Six exquisite high-definition themes are designed to match the frame colors and the APP's massive online dials collections will be updated regularly to meet the diverse needs of users, Get rid of boring choices and spice your day with a new look every day.

The battery can last for 15 days on standby but battery lifespan is determined by users. Battery life span is subjected to the frequency of use and user habits.(turning on heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, with about 50 message notifications and 50 incoming calls per day together with the alarm and 90 mins of exercise per day will surely drain the battery faster)

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