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The DOOGEE one of the leading rugged phone brands is back with a new smartwatch called the DG Ares characterized by bold design and good features. It’s equipped with a 1.32-inch Full Touch Screen, Customize Watch Faces, Monitor of Heart Rate and Blood Pressure, Multi-Sport Modes, all this at a price not exceeding $50, which give me a good feeling about their capabilities, so stay with me for more details.

Overall, DOOGEE DG Ares Smartwatch features a modern and elegant design. It’s designed in a square dial shape, with rounded corners, and has a single physical button that turns On – Off. the body is slim and light made of high-quality aluminum alloy with 46mm large size and 10.3mm thickness, and lightweight of not more than 50g, which makes it comfortable on the wrist. Also, it comes in 3 colors the same as the strap that I will mention shortly. Although it’s a budget smartwatch, you will notice the manufacturing quality is high and even the new bold design is amazing.

If you look at it below you find made from plastic and has a sensor and charging pins.

The strap on the DG Ares smartwatch is made of silicone, lightweight and comfortable on your wrist for long-lasting use. You can use any 20mm belt because it’s removable and is available in green, black, and rose gold, and you can buy another from metal or leather separately.

The screen in DOOGEE DG Ares Smartwatch is 1.32 inch IPS screen with a high resolution of 360*360 pixels and it possesses most of the interface with narrow sides to display good content and details, even the color sharpness and brightness are very good, especially when you wear it in the sunlight you won’t have to worry.

The DOOGEE DG Ares is water-resistant with 3ATM protection, which means you can put it on during the shower or in the pool and you can wear it when washing hands or on rainy days, and what makes this rating better than IP 68 is the possibility of using the watch for swimming because it can withstand pressure at 30m of depth Water (Operating temperature from 10 to 45 ° C). And this you will not find in any other smartwatch. However, exposure to saltwater or hot water can damage it, I prefer to dry the watch after immersing it in water and before operating it so that it stays with you for as long as possible.

In terms of Watch faces, DOOGEE DG Ares Smartwatch has 6 different pre-installed watch faces, you can switch between them easily in many ways, by long-press on the home screen or via the Glory Fit app for over 50 online watch faces are available for download with customization capabilities for a variety of colors, retro, analog, 3D, and digital faces or you can even use live wallpaper or your own photos as a watch face background or any wallpaper.

When it comes to performance, DOOGEE DG Ares Smartwatch adopts the built-in Realtek8762DK chip for faster response speed and faster data processing, and it is powered by a 128MB ROM so that the watch can be equipped with more watch faces. For your health, this device has a Heart Rate Sensor and G-sensor, so this wearable device manages your motion every moment and takes good care of you throughout the day.

This watch has Bluetooth 5.0 So, you will not face any problems with it because it’s the fastest and most stable. And this version is compatible with Android 5.0 and later or iOS 10.0 and above so that the connection is through the Glory Fit app. However, it does not have its own GPS sensor, which means that you will always have to use it with a smartphone to get your location.

So far, the DOOGEE DG Ares smartwatch runs on a very user-friendly platform, and navigation via the touchscreen is good.

The DOOGEE DG Ares Smartwatch is equipped with 24 sports modes to suit any of your needs, including Running, Riding, Skipping, Swimming (pay attention to the waterproof level), Badminton, Ping Pong, Tennis, Mounting, Hiking, Basketball, Baseball, softball, Volleyball, Cricket, Rugby, American football, Hockey, Dancing, Spin, Yoga, Sit-ups, Treadmill, Gymnastics, Rowing, Jumps.

Apart from the sports features, you can monitor your heart rate in real-time to check whether it’s beating normally or not and monitor sleep to measure your total light sleep, deep sleep, and wake time to provide you with an analysis of your sleep patterns, monitor blood pressure and measure oxygen levels in the blood in real-time to improve the ability of the cardiovascular system to prevent the low level of oxygen in the blood that causes discomfort to a person’s body.

Although it has a good sensor that is more accurate than other sensors, this does not mean that the measurements provided by this smartwatch are completely accurate, as most of them are largely unreliable because it’s not a medical instrument, but it makes you very aware of your health and physical performance. unfortunately, this is often the case with watches in this price range.

DOOGEE DG Ares Smartwatch is compatible with the Glory Fit app for Android and iOS to help you set up and use the watch more efficiently. You can take advantage of some features, stats, and functions without any additional equipment, such as steps taken, sleep hours, heart rate measurements that you have taken, and all this is done by automatically integrating watch data on the home screen with the ability to view it on a daily or monthly basis. Also set exercise goals and encourage yourself to complete your exercise amount each day through a simple and easy-to-understand operating interface with sections like steps, distance, notifications, alarm, and more.

you can download the app through the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, so you know it is a safe app.

It’s easy to connect the DOOGEE DG Ares Smartwatch to your phone. After installing the Glory Fit app and setup, all you have to do:

When this is done, it will communicate directly and without any complications, with automatic setting of time and language, weather, in addition to a phone call feature, and update the smartwatch software if available.

Notifications are clearly visible and easily readable. You can choose lots of different popular apps to give notifications on DOOGEE DG Ares Smartwatch, for example, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SMS, WeChat, and other apps are supported.

You can also access call or message notifications with many other functions such as stopwatch, alarm, calendar, reminders to not sit, remote control of the camera to take selfies with a touch on the screen, and you can control the music from your watch only.

In the end, the DOOGEE DG Ares Smartwatch offers a decent battery that is considered good in this category with a capacity of 300mAh, which gives you up to 10 days of normal use with continuous heart rate tracking. And 30 days in standby mode, it all depends on the type of activities you do, and it must be charged with a magnetic charger and it takes about two hours.

The DOOGEE DG Ares Smartwatch is currently available on the Aliexpress store for a very good price So, don’t miss out on this great deal. And to view its price or buy it, you can access the offer by clicking on the store icon.

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